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Vancouver Whisky Societies, in no particular order:

The Companions Of The Quaich
The Companions of The Quaich is a non-profit society dedicated to promoting and sharing knowledge and enjoyment of Single Malt Whisky.  The Companions are an eclectic group of ladies and gentlemen who share a common interest in, and a passion for, the malt whiskies of Scotland and the world.  Its objective is to encourage, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a greater awareness of the history and methods of malt whisky distilling, and to make available brands that are not normally sold in provincial liquor stores.
Initiation: $50
Annual Dues: $50
Companions Website

The West Coast Whisky Society
From simple beginnings this group has evolved into a Society that is extremely well known and respected in the whisky industry. Our focus on enjoying the rare and unique in whisky available to the consumer has been leveraged by the relationships made with the icons of the Whisky Industry. We hold Tasting Events throughout the year and most recently these events have been augmented by visiting dignitaries representing their distillery’s finest. We have sampled from unique single barrels and are in the process of bottling exclusive renditions for our membership.
Initiation: $140
Annual Dues: $100
WCWS Website

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is the world’s foremost whisky club.  As a member, you will join over 26,000 other members in 16 countries (and growing) and have access to the very best single cask, single malt whisky available anywhere. Only members can purchase The Society’s fantastic and interesting whiskies.  As a member, you gain access to the world’s largest selection of single cask, single malt whiskies in the world from a range of over 129 whisky distilleries. Straight from the cask, to the bottle, to you. Unfiltered. Undiluted. Unrivalled. Capturing rarity and perfection in a glass, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s bottlings attract curious and discerning whisky lovers from all corners of the globe.
Initiation: $110
Annual Dues: $120
SMWS Website

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