About Whisky Classique

Over the past 20 years, the world of whisky that once was no longer exists. What used to be an old boys club is a club open to all. Men and Women of all ages from all walks of life have come to appreciate what is one of the earth’s finest inventions. Nothing exudes class and elegance like a fine whisky. During this 20-year window, there have been great festivals (i.e. The Hopscotch Festival) that have helped educate the people of Vancouver on what goes behind the making of a premium whisky and why all whiskies are definitely not the same. But with whisky becoming so incredibly popular, we had to ask ourselves: why is there still not a dedicated whisky-only tasting event in this great city? Vancouver… welcome to Whisky Classique.

In the cold and barren month of January, Vancouver’s Whisky Classique will come alive.   Whisky Classique will transform the Telus World Of Science into the Grand Whisky Hall. It will be here, at the GWH, where a very limited number of whisky connoisseurs will congregate, socialize and talk and taste whisky.

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